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What is Wealth & Wellness University?

This private group was created for motivated millennials ready to eliminate debt, save more money, and build generational wealth. Our exclusive community where we learn, share, and grow in the areas of personal growth and development as well as personal finance. 


Who is Wealth and Wellness University for?

❤️ Those looking for motivation and accountability

👏🏾 Those seeking to reach their potential

🙋🏾‍♀️ Those looking to live more fully

Member Benefits

As a result of being a member of Wealth & Wellness University you will

Meet new people.

🙌🏾 Have access to the resources and connections you need to help you succeed

Access exclusive content.

🙌🏾 Have access to a proven plan to eliminate debt, save more money, and build generational wealth

Live your best life

🙌🏾 Develop discipline and self confidence through collaborative learning 

What members are saying

“I call her my accountability partner/mentor. I started her 30 day money challenge in January and saved $1,000 before the 30 days was up. She helped me realize I made good money, but I was a reckless spender. I spent money on things I didn’t need just to make me feel better.” -Sophia

"Last summer, I had an epiphany.  I make decent money and I have no dependents. Yet, I felt like I never saw any of it after bills. It wasn’t until I sat down and calculated my own debt (which was more than I thought) that I realized I too needed to get with the program. I started off my debt snowball by paying off orthodontia, then the remaining balance on my car followed by $15,000 in credit card debt. In one year I made roughly $25,000 in debt payments. I am officially at my halfway mark, the remainder of which is in student loans. Whenever I paid something off I would talk to Jacent about it.  She would question my feelings surrounding my latest accomplishment, and help me establish my next milestone. Jacent kept me goal oriented, and encouraged." 

“Jacent is so inspiring when it comes to living life to the fullest. Her dedication to the debt free journey is the motivation I needed to start mine. Her consistency and positivity has greatly impacted my life. She was the key that unlocked my door to true happiness. Her journey inspired me to start my journey to independence. Debt was a large part of why my situation wasn’t changing. Living paycheck to paycheck is something that most millennials experience. With the lack of communication surrounding finance, Jacent was not afraid to share her journey of becoming debt free. Saving and living within your means might sound like a simple task however, it takes mental strength and discipline to follow through. As of 2020 I was able to pay off $3500 in credit card debt and it hasn’t stopped there. I plan on paying off my student loans and moving out on my own. I am so grateful to have met such a wonderful soul who has helped me to stay on track to financial freedom. I aspire to have more of these values but I am also grateful I have a mentor who cares enough to spread this knowledge.”

Meet Your Instructors

Jacent Wamala is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Educator and Podcaster. She paid off over $90,000 in student loan and credit card debt in 3 years before her 30th birthday. She shared her journey on social media and inspired others to do the same. In addition to social media, she noticed all her clients mentioned finances as a stressor. 

In the process it became apparent to her that a personal finance journey is about more than money. "If money were about math we'd all have more of it." She uses her mental health background to help reset problematic money mindsets. Students finish feeling more confident in themselves and their ability to reach their goals. The results speak for themselves.

She has been featured with Ramsey personality Anthony O'neal on The Table as well as blogs like Shondaland. Her podcast Jacent's Gems received over 40,000 downloads in 9 months and her professional speaking credits range both domestic and international.

Jamee Bateau is a Licensed Financial Professional and Educator. She paid off $45,000 in student loans in less than 2 years right after college. It doesn't stop there, her father then surprised her with a new car (that she had to pay for) and immediately went to work on that debt as well. She paid off that $40,000 car loan in less than 2 years and has been debt free ever since. At almost 30 years old and debt-free for 6 years, going into debt is not an option. She was a saver since age 18, saved up $50,000, and at age 27, she decided to quit her job and go full-time into her financial services business. For the last 2 years she's been helping her clients get to a better financial position.

She specializes in tax-free retirement strategies. Jamee's learned that most people have not built a habit of saving, let alone saving in the RIGHT places. She found this can be greatly contributed to the fact that the traditional financial industry only offers to help the wealthy, so the average person never gets the financial education they need. Now, she is dedicating her life to bringing those strategies of the wealthy to the masses. Her clients now have peace of mind, certainty, and hope about their financial futures.

Why You Should Join Us

This is the sign you've been waiting for. You have ideas, goals, and dreams waiting to be executed but a proven plan, motivation and support are all you're missing. Stop waiting and start living your best life. Success is waiting for you inside the community.

Still on the fence?

"After 2 years of many dismissed unknown number phone calls and a credit score under 530, my journey to becoming debt free and financially responsible was uncomfortable to say the least. Interest kept accumulating, my bills never stopped, every excuse in the book was used to avoid any principle payment towards my 4 closed accounts. Only after meeting, was I able to get a better understanding of what needed to be done. She was very transparent with her plan, and went into much detail on her platform on where to start and how to be consistent towards your goal.

Write out all your debts, eliminate from the smallest amount first, then continue until the balance is at $0, which felt amazing. At the beginning of 2019 I had an outstanding balance of $6,800, 4 closed accounts and a FICO score of 506. January 1st of 2020, I have 4 new accounts, a FICO score of 680, and a new car! Budgeting is key and having someone to give you direction from their own personal experience was all I really needed, and I want to say a personal thank you to Jacent for answering all of my questions and checking up on my own journey during her own busy schedule!" -Will

What I can promise 

If you use the course, if you ask your questions, if you join in the live Q&A's and act on the challenges, you will see results. We can't wait to welcome you :)

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